Data Feeds

There are now many websites known as 'Shopping Comparison Engines' or 'Shopping Comparison Web Sites'.

Some examples:

These websites allow potential shoppers to search for a particular product and then compare the price between many different online stores. Shopping comparison sites are a great way for shoppers to find what they want, at a good price. These sites are now able to deliver substantial amounts of traffic to your online store if you can get listed in their database - and this is where the 'Data Feeds' comes in. Shopping Comparison web sites require special data feeds which allows the shopping comparison web site to catalogue your entire shop in its own database. The only way to get listed in the comparison engine is to feed it your data via a 'Data Feed'. ezimerchant can generate several different data feeds for various popular shopping comparison websites.

Current Supported Feeds

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Affiliate Marketing/Sitemap type Data Feeds

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Using the Data Feeds

As part of your ezimerchant catalogue publishing subscription, ezimerchant dynamically keeps all of the Data Feeds up to date, ensuring that the feed consumers (the shopping comparison engines) always have the latest information.

Which feeds should I use?

Quite often we get asked which feeds should be used and why. Our recommendations are below.

For Australian Merchants to start: (In order)

  • - This is FREE to list in, but only caters for Computers and Consumer electronics categories.
  • - is an eBay company with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month to their main and websites as well as affiliated websites such as Although getting your products listed with costs money it is worth trying to see if the sales results justify the cost of listing. If your after lots of hits to your site then this is definitely worth a look.

Should the above prove successful then switching on all the below (No particular order)

  • - A smaller shopping comparison website - they seem to be gaining momentum.
  • - An eWay - Similar in scale to

For International Merchants:



Most of the shopping comparison engines charge on a pay-per-click basis. Therefore before starting any shopping comparison engine listing campaigns you should make sure your site is completely finished and ready to go, including looking its best because you need to impress each and every one of your visitors when they arrive at your site.

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