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With more online sales operations than any other company in Australia we have the unique advantage of having helped more people in this space than any other provider. As a result we have greater hands on experience, watching and helping these businesses for over ten years. We have achieved a level of understanding of what does and does not work that we would like to share with our merchants to help them achieve success.

Specifically we wish to help those wanting bigger and better returns as well as those not achieving the level of success they would like. This could be for various reasons. However, we have some very powerful tools available to you to help get traffic and sales.

Detailed below are five important ingredients we are going to explain that have helped produce some great success stories. In subsequent newsletters we will visit these in detail and show you multiple ways of building your online income.

The five important ingredients to achieving online success for our current merchants have been identified as:

  1. Getting found on search engines A winning and essential strategy to getting traffic and making sales. We explain how to use Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click, Pay for Submission, link popularity plus much more.
  2. Establishing your product in a niche or vertical market You probably already have a product. However we show you how to pick and/or position your product to SELL!
  3. Strong managing of customer / email list Essential to building and maintaining a loyal customer base.
  4. Patience It can happen relatively quickly... But be prepared to wait.
  5. A unique selling proposition Establishing a unique selling proposition can make you succeed in markets others fail in.

Getting found on the Search Engines

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

More than likely you recently used a search engine to find either product, services or information. Search engines have become a part of everyday life. No doubt you would love to be found the same way.

So how easy is it going to be to find your site

Lets use Google as an example. Google has billions of files to sort through every time you do a search. Each day they list millions of new pages. They have to use thousands of PC's to manage this process! So finding your site amongst all of that is near on impossible. Unless of course you are ranked and when someone searches for your keywords you are listed on the first or second page.

The importance of Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion

When running your business on the Internet, nothing is more important than having a highly ranked site in search engines. The great advantage of having your customers find your website through search engines is that they are qualified leads. These customers are actually searching for your goods and services, not just passing by.

Submission and Optimisation

Submission and optimisation are two separate elements in the 'art' of search engine promotion... 'Search engine submission' refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration. Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist. Search engine optimisation' or SEO, refers to the act of altering your site so that it ranks well for specific terms and words, especially with crawler-based search engines.

Search Engine Placement & Positioning

Terms such as 'search engine placement', 'search engine positioning' and 'search engine ranking' refer to a website actually doing well for particular term or for a range of terms at search engines. This is the ultimate goal - to get that 'top ten' ranking for a particular keyword or search term.

Search Engine Marketing & Promotion

When we refer to 'search engine marketing' or 'search engine promotions' we are talking about the overall process of marketing a website on search engines. This includes submission, optimisation, managing paid listings and more. They also illustrate the fact that doing well with search engines is not just about submitting right, optimising well or getting a good rank for a particular term. It's about the overall job of improving how your website interacts with search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you

Automatic Submission Software - Not a good idea

Be really wary of automatic submission software that claims to submit your web site to thousands of search engines. The simple fact of the matter is that over 90% of searches made on the Internet are made in the 10 major search engines. Some of the major search engines now will not list sites that have used automatic submission software. The main reason is because that software 'spams' the search engines (submits too many times). You can potentially damage your long term SEP prospects and worse still get listed and spammed to death by hundreds of bizarre search engine companies.

So what is a Search Engine?

Search engines such as Google comprise of a database that is compiled by 'Spiders' or 'Robots' that navigate the Internet looking at each site and then returning the web site addresses to its database. Because search engines routinely navigate and visit websites on the Internet, it is possible to get listed without submitting... but be prepared to wait!

What is a directory?

Directories such as Yahoo! don't use 'spiders' and 'Robots' to build their databases. Instead, Yahoo! uses their staff to manually review and categorise your web site for inclusion in the directory once submitted.

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