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ezimerchant: Australia's leading eCommerce software....

ezimerchant is developed by On Technology. On Technology is a diversified online merchant solutions company based in Sydney, Australia and are the creators of Australia's leading eCommerce software. Our development and support are 100% Australian made and owned, something which we are extremely proud of.

Our Passion

Serious eCommerce solutions for serious online sellers.

About the Company - On Technology

During the past few years ezimerchant and netmerchant have been major players in facilitating a significant share of the spectacular growth in online purchasing.

In 2008 our customers processed online sales in excess of $70,000,000 – an amazing increase of 23.9% over 2007. Currently, we are processing seamlessly and safely over 40,000 transactions each and every month.

To ensure we had the expertise and resources to continue meeting the current and future needs of the rapidly changing and expanding ecommerce market we formally merged ezimerchant and netmerchant under the corporate umbrella of On Technology Pty Ltd. This merger brought together a team of people with an exciting collection of award winning technical expertise and many years of ecommerce and commercial experience.

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