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Lets step back and examine what you are doing. In simple terms you are establishing an internet presence, which involves presenting some of your own information on the Internet. This is typically done by developing one or more "web pages".

You can use your web pages to convey information about your business, what it sells, and contact and sales information. By registering your web pages with Internet search engines, people all over the world can find your web pages when they are searching for the types of things your business offers.

You are most probably using ezimerchant to construct your website. ezimerchant removes most of the construction effort and allows you to focus on equally important tasks such as the collation of the content. Regardless of your information source you need good product descriptions and images to produce a meaningful website.

Time now to generate your website. We have kept the interface as user friendly as possible. You should be able to find your way around without too much effort. If you find yourself lost please feel free to call our support team at any time.

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