What is it you wish to achieve?

Before going any further lets decide where it is you actually wanted to go. In other words what you want from your website, (looking at other websites can be helpful). Write out your business objectives and identify how a website will help achieve your overall business goals. Among others they could be:

  1. Creating an income
  2. Passing on information about your products and services;
  3. Improving your operational efficiency through better communications with your customers, suppliers and government;
  4. building your revenue through online sales.

You also need to decide who is the target audience for your website. You may wish to target new customers or provide additional service to your existing customers. You should also decide the area for your potential market, it could be global, limited to Australia or a particular town or city.

ow set yourself a budget (It doesn’t have to be much) and develop an eBusiness plan that reflects your business needs and objectives and how you want to operate your business. Set a budget in dollars and/or time for such things as web design, ISP fees, marketing costs, ongoing maintenance, administration and resource costs. It is particularly important to allocate resources to keeping your site up to date and marketing your e-presence. In reading through this document you will be able to crystallise your budget and plan by identifying the strategies and activities that best suit your needs.

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