ezimerchant and Facebook

ezimerchant offers the simplest, most flexible and useful way to sell your products through Facebook. You can publish your product catalogue to a shop tab on your Facebook page. This doesn’t just provide links to product pages, it keeps your Facebook customers where they want to be – in the Facebook environment. Only the check out step is outside Facebook to ensure PCI DSS security compliance (this can’t be done within Facebook).

Complete design control

You can control every aspect of the design of your Facebook shop, including product layout, category navigation, search results, your cart and checkout. You can ensure that your brand and company style is used throughout.


We support PayPal and direct credit processing all within the Facebook environment.

Manage a multitude of stores from one place

ezimerchant lets you add stores to an unlimited number of Facebook pages so you can create different shops for different target markets. We provide a centralised admin so you can manage all your Facebook stores easily.

Integrated product searches

Not only does ezimerchant allow integrated product searches on Facebook pages, it supports purchasing directly from the search results so your customers can complete their purchases faster.

Inventory control

You can offer one-off items for sale or automatically suspend sales when items have sold out. ezimerchant also supports minimum buys, lot buys and maximum buys.


Our Application Programming Interface (API) gives you complete control over orders

  • Retrieve order history and details
  • Create new orders
  • Retrieve customer details
  • Create and edit customer details
  • Retrieve, create, edit and delete products and manage product categorisation

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