ezimerchant and eBay


Allow eBay and ezimerchant to work together

List your products

A simple wizard enables the listing of products managed within ezimerchant as an eBay auction or Buy Now listing. The wizard questionaire is automatically populated with sensible defaults. Subsequent listings of the same product become a one click process.

Maintain your eBay store

Publish anywhere

A product catalogue managed within ezimerchant can be used to simultaneously publish to one or more ecommerce website(s), an eBay store, facebook store amongst others. The time savings for large catalogues are significant. The risk of inconsistencies between different sales channels is also elimitated. It is of course possilble to specify different rules for different channels.

Multi channel business rules

If you sell out of a product, all your locations can automatically suspend sales, without you having to visit each site separately to do it.

Existing eBay stores

If you have an existing eBay store, it can be imported into ezimerchant with one click, giving you the capability to publish anywhere almost immediately.

Manage your listing

The status of your current and completed listings are reported within ezimerchant, making it easy to manage alongside your other online sales activities.

Custom freight prices and quotes

Automated calculation of freight is supported inside your listing. When an item sells, the buyer pays for the sale with your custom freight rules included.

Consolidated Reporting

Because the eBay purchase completes though ezimerchant, the eBay sales are managed and reported alongside sales made through your site, Facebook or anywhere else you utilise ezimerchant's capabilities. Accounting for the sales becomes a breeze through ezimerchant's Xero integration.

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