All ezimerchant accounts include


Your own store with cart & checkout functionality

Easy Shipping

Integrate your orders with Australia Post


List and sell your products automatically on eBay


For simple accounting management


Multiple currencies for you and your customers

List products on your website & eBay in seconds

Listing is effortless and easy, manage thousands of listings
and push updates and revisions instantly.

Real-time Sync

Manage all of your listings on ezimerchant, any changes you make will automatically be pushed to your items on eBay.
Its just like magic!

Professional Templates

ezimerchant generates attractive and professional sales templates and descriptions for your listings automatically.

Bulk Listing

Effortlessly create listings in bulk for thousands of products. Import from your favourite spreadsheet program and watch ezimerchant push your changes to eBay.

Category Selection

Selecting the right category for your listing has never been easier. ezimerchant makes it easy to list in the categories that will be seen by the most eBay users.

Image Optimisation

Upload your listing images to ezimerchant, we automatically make them the right dimension and format to comply with
eBays image policies.

Shipping Rules

Automate shipping rates for bulky items with real-time shipping quotes, sell items on eBay that were previously too hard to
list on ezimerchant.

Manage listings & inventory

Stop dealing with listings. Let ezimerchant manage them for you.

Maintain Sales History

Easily keep track of your sales history on your listings. Use ezimerchant to keep track of
your sales and products before they go out of stock.

Easily Relist

Need to relist an item? New listings will automatically be relisted using the latest information from the product catalogue in ezimerchant.

Product Catalogue

Stop messing around with
listings and spreadsheets. Manage your entire inventory with ezimerchant and well do all the hard work for you.

Manage listings & inventory

Stop dealing with listings. Let ezimerchant manage them for you.

Start Selling outside of eBay

Easily convert your eBay store into your own online shopfront
and start selling on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Mobile

Boost Multi-Channel Sales

Create your own online store with your own URL. Push your products to
Google Shopping, add your store to your Facebook page and submit your
products to GetPrice, Myshopping.com.au, Shopmania and more!

Effortless Integration

ezimerchant integrates with the software
you already use to sell and track your sales.

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